Date: February 6, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM IST
Location: Wrestle Square Studio, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Explosion Episode: 18

This week on Explosion, it’s the clash of titans as Amit The Assassin faces Shane The Insane in singles action.

It’s a test of strength and test of testosterone in this bout. Over the years, both men have become integral members of the Wrestle Square roster. And, tonight they are out inside the squared circle to prove just that.

Amit The Assassin had a phenomenal showing at ”Bangkok Showdown” when he was fingertips away from capturing the coveted Intercontinental Championship as he found himself in the final 2 in the Fatal 4 Way Elimination Rules Match against 2Faan, Skyler and Zorro. He dust himself off and came back with his partner Arjun The Warrior to answer the Open Challenge of our Tag Team Champions X Hector (Major X and Neal The Hector). Controversy marred the bout as the ending saw Team Heritage (Amit and Arjun) on the losing side. But, Arjun blamed Amit for the loss, which led to them fighting it out in singles action on an episode of Explosion where Amit proved his mettle and defeated Arjun with a Slingshot Springboard Sunset Flip rollup after a fantastic and competitive mat wrestling bout. Last we saw Amit was in a ladder match again competing for the Intercontinental Championship in a ”Ladder Spectacle” which had Skyler, Arjun The Warrior, Major X and himself putting their lives and well being on the line to capture the prize. Skyler retained the championship but, all men showed why each one of them could’ve walked out with the gold and proved that they had earned it as well.

Shane The Insane didn’t have such a great night at Bangkok as he and Mr. VIP i.e. Team Fateh lost their Tag Team Championship to X Hector (Major X and Neal The Hector) in fantastic bout with a raucous crowd. The biggest takeaway was not the championship win for X Hector but what happened post match as Mr. VIP put down Shane The Insane in the middle of the ring with a Diamond Cutter in sheer frustration of losing the straps. We haven’t seen Mr. VIP since. But, Shane digested the bitter pill of betrayal, moved on and returned to Explosion with a match against the hottest prospect of Wrestle Square, ”The Indian Eagle” Kevin Malik. The bout was physical and it took both men to their absolute limits but, in the end, the veteran Shane came out victorious. Post match, Shane grabbed the mic and proclaimed that he has lost the title that he held because of people other than himself and from now on he’ll focus and rely on himself only and he wants the top prize of the promotion, i.e. Skyler’s SKYTLE (The Intercontinental Championship).

Amit is coming off freshly coming off of challenging for the title that Shane desperately wants. Who will come out on top? Will it be the size and experience of Shane or is Amit just too damn good, hungry, fast and ready to step up to the throne and more suited that the washed up veterans of the game? See this clash tonight on Wrestle Square Explosion!