Online Pro Wrestling Training – International

Pro wrestling industry has grown over the past decades since the emerge of Brands like WWE,  NJPW, Impact, Roh, NWA, All Elite Wrestling. Many of of the wrestling fans across the globe have strong passion to become the one whom they have inspired watching on TV Screens. A wrestling academy is the place where students attains all the techniques and skilled required to be a professional wrestler or a wrestling star. You can often find the GYM, Sports club, MMA Academies in your cities but sometimes it is difficult to find pro wrestling training centers where you can actually get the training of professional wrestling.

During the times of pandemic everything has started to operate online including the wrestling training and seminars, all though it misses the physical part of the training but still you can catch most of the techniques through the lectures and live secessions provided through online coaching program.

Wrestle Square Provides online wrestling training for pro wrestling aspirants male / female who wish to learn wrestling / gain knowledge from comfort of their homes.

Equipment’s which are required are Internet Access, Laptop / Mobile, Camera with Microphone,   Foam Mats at least 6x4ft (minimum) 12x8ft (recommended) thickness 4inches-6 inches (moderately soft) , Proper Training Gear and probably a place where you can attend those classes from.

To attend the online pro wrestling training sessions – Contact Whatsapp (+917042232585)

Language – English/Hindi

Important Note:  Some training like using the ropes,  etc.  are important part of training which will be probably missed in online classes. For technical wrestling you would need a person to practice safely.

International Students are welcome for Pro Wrestling Training Online