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Want to make Career in Professional Wrestling , Join Wrestle Square Wrestling Training Academy to live your dreams.
Wrestle Square Training Center school offers training designed in such way which help you and prepares you to get ready to build your career in Pro Wrestling. We like to train those who have potential to become a pro wrestling train.

Enrollment is Current and Ongoing
Student must be age of 15+ (below 18 need parents permission). Free trial class available for evaluation of students.

In-Ring Training
Our class is mixture of beginners of new and experienced students takes place 4 times a week. Additional class will be given after completing the basics. Training consist of condition, ring movements such as bumps, fall, holds, sequences, using the ropes, footwork, ring psychology and match development.

Referee/Manager Training
We offer training for anyone wanting to be a referee, a manager or a valet. The cost of such training is -50% less than normal plan.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

How long does it take to complete training?

We want you to do wrestling safely, To have basic understanding of the Basics its requires about 6 months, You can expect to train in 1. You may or may not be ready to perform at live events so can expect 1-2 years of training, However there is no fees of 2nd year.

What form of payment do you accept for training?

We accept cash as well as all major credit cards.

How do I advance through each program?

Each program consists of a set curriculum. Once a student completes the curriculum, they will be given the opportunity to move on to more advanced training.

Students will be invited to put their knowledge to the test and be evaluated by their trainers in order to move on to more advanced training.
Every student progresses at their own pace, but our goal is to give you a firm understanding of the basics in about six months of continuous training and show you how to build on that strong foundation over the next 6 months.

Do I have to be in shape to start wrestling school?

No. Everyone has to start somewhere. One of our goals is to help you get on track to a healthier lifestyle. However, being in shape will help you advance more quickly through the basics of pro wrestling training.

Do I get to perform at Wrestling events?

Objective of training is to be part of Indian pro wrestling and wrestle square team but students who have gone through training may have opportunity to perform in live national and international events. Students will be also given the opportunity to attend events as well as recording of matches to serve as ring crew, security and event staff in order to learn all aspects of professional wrestling also great opportunity.

Note: Pro Wrestling training evolves risks student much sign waiver form before joining the class. Also advised to disclose any medical history that may conflict in learning . For some cases we need Doctor Clearance Certificate as well.

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